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MSP Headquarters Address

Medical Services Pacific, 355 Waimanu Road, Suva, Fiji

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Medical Services Pacific is Headquartered in Fiji and has representatives in the Solomon Islands and PNG.

MSP Headquarters – Suva, Fiji

355 Waimanu Road, Suva

Suva Office Telephone: (679) 3315295

Suva Clinic Telephone: (679) 4502907

MSP Labasa –  Fiji

Lot 11 Naiyaca, Sub Division Labasa

Labasa Office Telephone: (679) 881 1308

Labasa Clinic Telephone: (679) 828 0308

MSP General Inquiries:  info@msp.org.fj or communication@msp.org.fj

Contract &  Management Inquiries:  program.manager@msp.org.fj or legal.aid@msp.org.fj

Finance, Banking and Transfers:  accounts@msp.org.fj

MSP Clinics  – Women and Adolescent Health/ Sexual Reproductive Health/Post Rape Care 

Call Suva Telephone: (679) 363 0041

Labasa Telephone: (679) 828 0308

Emergency – Gender/Rape Crisis/Child Protection/Youth Assistance – Fiji

Fiji Adult Counselling Hotline:  (679) 991 0894  or 5640

Child Help Line Fiji Free Call: 1325

Child Help Line  Email:  help@msp.org.fj

Domestic Violence/Violence Against Women and Children/Human Rights/Legal Aid 

Email Suva: legal.aid@msp.org.fj or counsellor@msp.org.fj

Email Labasa: protection.labasa@msp.org.fj or counsellor.labasa@msp.org.fj

Call Telephone: (679) 363 0041

Mobile Outreach to Rural Areas –  Booking a Visits of the  Mobile Clinic  – Fiji

Email: program.manager@msp.org.fj

Call Telephone: (679) 354 8062

Post Rape Care and Support/Gender Violence/Post Miscarriage  Care/Safe Abortion Referrals

Suva Email:   counsellor@msp.org.fj and cc nurse@msp.org.fj

Labasa Email: nurse.labasa@msp.org.fj

Suva Call Telephone: (679) 991 0894

Labasa Call Telephone: (679) 828 0308

Medical Inquiries or Clinic Appointments Suva:

Suva Clinic Telephone: (679) 363 0041

Suva Email: doctor@msp.org.fj and cc  nurse@msp.org.fj  or  info@msp.org.fj

Labasa Clinic Telephone: (679) 828 0308

Labasa Email: Nurse.labasa@msp.org.fj or doctor.labasa@msp.org.fj and counsellor.labasa@msp.org.fj

Other Sensitive or Confidential  Medical Inquiries  

Email: program.manager@msp.org.fj or counsellor@msp.org.fj

MSP Solomon Islands

Telephone:  (677) 987 2760

Our team at MSP is here to help!

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