Dealing With Bullies

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What is Bullying? 

Bullying is when someone tries to make you feel bad about yourself by using words or actions. Bullying is not very nice and can cause you to feel bad about yourself or prevent you from doing what you wish!

When is it bullying? 

  • One person is hurting or harming another with words or behaviour.
  • It is being done on purpose.
  • The person being hurt has a hard time making it stop.
  • The kids who are doing it have more power.
  • “Power” can mean the person bullying is older, bigger or stronger, more popular, or there’s a group of kids who “gang up” on someone

There are four types of bullying: physical, verbal, emotional and cyber-bullying. People can experience just one or two of these types or sometimes evBullying tipsen all four.

Physical bullying: This one’s easy to recognize. This is when someone pushes, shoves, hits, kicks, bites, or otherwise hurts another kid’s body. It can also include taking or damaging someone else’s things.

Verbal bullying: It’s really common because it is quick, direct, and easy to do.

Examples include teasing, name calling, threats, mean jokes, rumors, gossip, and saying things about someone that aren’t true.

Emotional: This type of bullying isn’t always obvious, but it can hurt a lot. It hurts people on the inside and makes them feel bad about themselves.

Examples include leaving someone out on purpose, telling lies about someone, and embarrassing somebody publicly.

Cyber-bullying: Using technology is the newest way to bully.

Examples include sending mean text messages, posting videos, stories, or photos that make fun of someone, and spreading rumours online.

Such harassment is against the law in Fiji! 

Where does bullying happen?

Bullying can sadly happen anywhere

  • In your community
  • Whilst going to school
  • At school
  • On-line

Bullying is never okay, cool, or acceptable.

No one EVER deserves to be bullied.

Stop Being a Bully!

Do you bully others? Or push people around to get your own way?

If you sometimes bully others, here are some things you can do:

  • Understand that your actions are hurting someone.
  • Know that it is never okay to hurt someone else.
  • Realize that everyone deserves respect, that differences are a valuable and rich part of our world.
  • Talk with someone: your parents, a teacher or trusted adult, and ask for assistance
  • Call the Child Helpline at 1325

If you are being bullied, call the Child Helpline on 1325 to speak to one of our counselors for advice and support

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