Quiz about Relationships

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Are You Ready To Be In A Relationship?

Choose A, B or C and then see how many points you score…

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Add up your points depending on how you answered…

How did you rate?

0 to 5
You’re Ready!
You’re a girl who’s confident with who you are. You are just as happy being single and hanging out with your friends as you are going on a date. With no exes in the picture, you’re free to express your feelings with a new partner and to open up to them honestly and truthfully about all things sex. Just make sure your partner values your confidence, openness and honesty! If he doesn’t, he’s not the right guy for you.

6 to 10
Too close to call.
You’re not as confident about being ready for a relationship as some girls. You listen to your friends and value their opinions, but you can be scared to let your own voice shine. By empowering yourself to take control of your life and speak out, you will be ready to take the next step and form a relationship with someone you really like.

10 or above
Sorry, girl – but there’s a few things you need to figure out before you’re ready to date.
You’ve either got an ex who’s still in the picture, or you aren’t ready to talk about sex with your partner. Either way, you need to take some time to focus on yourself and what YOU want before you can truly be in a relationship.

If you are unsure, call the Child Helpline and chat to a Counsellor on 1325.

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