Tampon Myths Busted!

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Tampon Myths Busted!


Using a tampon will make you lose your virginity


Virginity can mean different things to different people (see Am I a Virgin?). If you define virginity as engaging in sexual behaviour with a partner, then it is impossible for a tampon to takeaway your virginity. If you are worried about the tampon breaking your hymen, rest assured your hymen also has nothing to do with your virginity – in fact, some girls aren’t even born with a hymen! Either way, the one thing that is clear is that using a tampon has nothing to do with losing your virginity.


Tampons can get lost inside you


It is impossible for a tampon to get lost inside you because there is nowhere for the tampon to go! Check out the image in Body Basics – you can see the only other opening of the vagina is the cervix, which is too small for a tampon to pass through. If the tampon gets stuck inside you because the string falls off, the best thing to do is squeeze your muscles or wash your hands, squat down, put your fingers into your vagina and pull out the tampon – simple! Any other problems, ask your Mum or see a nurse.


Tampons aren’t as good as Pads for blocking flow


Tampons are just as good as Pads for absorbing flow, if not better, if used correctly. When you insert a tampon into your vagina, it actually expands to fill up the extra space and absorb the blood. If your tampon is leaking it might be because the tampon has reached its full capacity to absorb menstrual flow; the tampon may not have been inserted the right way; or you may be using the wrong absorbency for your menstrual flow. Remember, a tampon is not a ‘plug’. Some women experience leakage because of the shape of their vaginas. A panty liner can be worn for extra protection as a back-up to a tampon.


You can’t use tampons at night


Yes, you can absolutely use tampons at night as long as you don’t go more than eight hours without changing it. If you love your sleep and usually sleep more than eight hours at a time, you should use a Nighttime Pad instead.

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