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MSP Management

The Patron of MSP is His Excellency, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, Speaker of Parliament and Former President of Fiji , who is Fiji’s Ambassador on HIV/AIDS prevention and response.

The MSP Trustees are: Ms. Alicia Sahib, Mr. Tevita Ravumaidama and Ms. Veronica Thoms.

Current Members of the Management Collective (Board):

  1. Ms. Loren Eastgate- Chair
  2. Dr. Rachel Devi- Vice Chair
  3. Mr. Suluo Daunivalu – Secretary
  4. Mr. Elliot Wright – Treasurer
  5. Ms. Ashna Shaleen – Board Member/ MSP Country Director
  6. Ms. Natalie Craig-Vassiliadis – Member
  7. Mr. Don TeMoana AngikiAmo- Member
  8. Ms. Sachiko Soro – Member

The Founding Members of the Management Collective (Board)  of MSP include:

  • Dr. Joshila Lal
  • Mr. Suluo Daunivalu – Founding Board Chairman/ Management Collective Member
  • Dr. Bernadette Pushpaangaeli
  • Mr. Ken Brown
  • Ms. Jennifer Poole – Founding Executive Director
  • Ms. Janice Stewart
  • Ms. Marie Koroi
  • Ms. Veronica Thoms – Trustee
  • Ms. Teresa Sivan
  • Dr. Temalesi Mccaig

MSP Founder and Former Executive Director

Jennifer Poole, BA. ANU. MIRAP. UQ  is the Founder of Medical Services Pacific (MSP) and served as Executive Director from August 2010 to March 2019. She is currently serving as Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation of Fiji.

Prior to founding MSP,  Jennifer was the Regional  Director for Marie Stopes International – Pacific based in Fiji (2009-2010) where she supervised a health program that covered 8 Pacific Island countries including Fiji, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Samoa, Tuvalu, Palau, RMI and the Marshal Islands.

Originally from Australia, she has worked in senior levels for various Humanitarian agencies in many different parts of the world including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Kosovo and Lesotho.

In the  Solomon Islands, she was country representative for World Vision International, managing  relief and development portfolios for four years.    Jennifer was Emergency Programme Manager for CAFOD UK and Caritas Pakistan based in Abbotabad, Pakistan in 2008-2009 where she managed a USD12 million multi-sector relief program.  Jennifer has managed large relief and development portfolios including a USD20 million relief  program in Lesotho which focused on food aid, livelihood security, child protection, gender and health.

Jennifer’s consulting expertise includes project design and evaluation, risk assessment and conflict management, gender assessment,  training and capacity building.  Jennifer is an expert in peacebuilding and was instrumental in obtaining the first peace agreement in the field during the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina, uniting divided communities in Central Bosnia in 1995.  In 2001, she was awarded the Overseas Service Medal by the Australian Government for her Service in the Balkans and in 2004, and an Award for her Humanitarian Services in the Solomon Islands and East Timor.  She received a High Distinction for her  Masters Thesis on Peace and Democracy, obtained from  the University of Queensland,  Australia in 1999.

Special Thanks from the Founder

“MSP was founded with the support and dedication of a number of professional volunteers and “friends of MSP”  who are dedicated to using their skills and resources to help those in need in Asia Pacific region.  Without their early inputs, MSP would not have flourished so quickly.  I salute and thank Mr. Suluo Daunivalu, who, as founding Chairman of MSP,  provided the legal and administrative advice, logistics support,  fundraising ideas and ongoing mentoring that helped to create this wonderful  new organization. Thank you Sulu! 

I would also like to thank those that provided pro bono assistance and advice including our first legal advisor,  Ms. Barbara Malimali  from  Pacific Chambers Barristers, Solicitors & Arbitrators in Fiji, and Mr Juris Gulbis who provided the pro bono legal assistance and facilitated the registration processSpecial thanks also to Ms. Natalie Craig-Vassiliadis, Ms. Sharna Nolan and Ms Brittany Gallagher for their assistance to develop the initial policy documents.  I wish to acknowledge Mr. Frank and Yvonne Jackson, Ms. Veronica Thoms and  the Corona Club in Suva  for providing the first donations which supported the  set up of the first clinic and  health services for  MSP.   Finally, special thanks to our Patron His Excellency, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, Former President of Fiji, our first Trustees, our original  Board members  and Dr. Neil Sharmer, the former Hon. Minister of Health in Fiji for his endorsement of MSP enabling its launch in 2010”  J. Poole.

 “Healthy Choices Transform Lives”

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