“A young woman with a mind full of knowledge and a deep self respect is better equipped to speak her mind, set clear boundaries, know she is worthy of going after her dreams and being a part of a healthy relationship.” MSP Youth.

MSP is proud to launch Girl Empowered: a new, practical guide to sexual and reproductive health designed especially for girls and young women in Fiji. It was launched by Australia’s Ambassador for Women and Girls Hon. Natasha Stott Despoja on 29th April and supported by Asaleo (Libra).  Girl Empowered is a resource manual developed to educate, empower and inspire girls through awareness on topics such as body changes and puberty, sexuality and relationships, contraception, pregnancy, diet and body image, bullying, and lifestyle choices. This enables girls and young women to have a responsible and safer sex life and to have the freedom to decide if, when and how often to have children.This guide is where all girls and young women of all races, individualities and socio-economic backgrounds can find common ground and engage in intelligent decision making. Schools can use this resource booklet to have open discussions on relationships, reproductive health and hygiene. MSP will be conducting outreach to schools to discuss Girl Empowered over the coming months.