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About us

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your body

Body basics

From girl to woman: when change is a good thing

Everything you need to know about your period.

Menstrual essentials

Keeping fresh down there

Tampon myths busted

sex & relationships

Relationships: the good, the bad and the ugly

Quiz! Are you ready to be in a relationship?

No means no: because while sex can be complicated, consent is not

How to say NO! to sex

Feel free to touch

Am I a virgin?

Quiz! How much do you know about pregnancy?

All about pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy – risks and consequences

Contraception – how not to get pregnant!

The word on HIV and aids

True or false

Understanding STIs

The pap smear: a simple test that could save your life

Being Different is Okay   NEW!


Staying healthy in body and mind: nutrition, diet and body image

The perfect fit: get your right bra size in two easy steps!

Keep it clean – tips for good personal hygiene

Alcohol & drugs – the smart approach

The dark side of the web

Dealing with bullies NEW!

Preventing Suicide  NEW!

Human rights

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