Keeping Fresh Down There

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1 blueChange your pad or tampon three to four times a day, depending on your menstrual flow (the heavier the flow, the more often you will need to change it). To know when to change your tampon, tug lightly on the string. If it feels stuck or dry, it has probably not been in long enough to absorb the menstrual fluid; rather if you notice the string is soaked with menstrual fluid the tampon has probably absorbed all the flow and needs to be changed immediately. Never go more than eight hours without changing your tampon.

2 blueUse cold water and soap to remove any stains you may get on your clothes.

3 blueDO NOT flush your tampon or pad down the toilet – they may block it up.

4 blueWrap your used tampon or pad in newspaper and put it in the rubbish bin. If sanitary bins are provided, you can place it in there instead.


if you are bleeding very heavily (going through two pads or tampons in an hour) or if you are experiencing a higher than normal level of pain, see your doctor or contact Medical Services Pacific immediately.


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