MSP Celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

International Day of Rural Women

On 15 October Medical Services Pacific (MSP), with the contribution of many generous women, provided free bras to rural women in Lawai Village and to female market vendors at Sigatoka Town in celebration of the International Day of Rural Women.

The kind donation of eleven boxes of undergarments was given by Fijian expats Dr Temalesi McCaig and Nurse Coordinator Vunirewa Uuilakeba. This was a gift in recognition of the lack of access many rural women face in regards to apparel shopping and finding affordable, comfortable bras.

“We are deeply grateful for this generous donation by Dr Tema and Mr Vunirewa, who collected the bras in New Zealand, and for the support and assistance with freight donation from Rotary Auckland, Ms Pauline Watson, Ms Tina Gunn and the Uplift Project, and the wonderful team at Air New Zealand. Together with the MSP outreach team, we have been able to support rural women on the International Day of Rural Women.”

The bra giveaways provided MSP an important opportunity to raise awareness on the importance of regular health checks to prevent breast and cervical cancer.

“Early detection is extremely important and provides an opportunity for effective treatment of cervical cancer.  The free bra giveaways were an added bonus to support women and girls who attended a cancer screening or a health check this month,” said MSP’s Executive Director Jennifer Poole.


International Day of the Girl Child

International Day of the Girl Child

In recognition of the deep need to promote girls’ rights, highlight gender inequalities and address discrimination and abuse suffered by girls around the globe, the United Nations has created an international day of recognition for the girl child.

In celebration of this day, on 11 October MSP reached out to more than 30 children at St Christopher’s Orphanage in Nakasi. We provided free counselling sessions and our Legal Aid Officer was at hand to attend to the children and to answer any questions they may have. We would like to thank the St Christopher’s for hosting us and giving us the chance to reach out to these young children.

Corporate Outreach to MindPearl 

On the 22nd of October, MSP was chosen to do a medical outreach for breast and cervical cancer awareness at MindPearl. Around 70 staff members were seen in total, with more than half of these accessing cervical cancer screening services.

In recognition of the importance of our work, and in thanks for the provision of our remarkable services, MindPearl announced MSP as the charitable organisation to be the recipient of funds raised from the company’s pink ribbon sales throughout October.

We are grateful for this kind gesture that MindPearl has showed towards us in helping us pursue our wonderful services to the communities and to our corporate partners, and we are looking forward to working with them in the future. We are always looking forward to working in partnership with corporate “businesses” who are committed to gender equality and promoting healthy living.